Raw, Unfiltered Wildflower Honey 2019

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When buying this pure, raw, and unfiltered Wildflower Honey, you’re buying it directly from the source...so you can be assured that what you are getting is authentic! 

Our honey is derived from a variety of wildflowers that surround the apiary. This variety, in addition to the seasonal variation between summer and autumn wildflowers, give our honey a special and unique taste. 

Raw Honey is known for its many health benefits, and buying locally produced honey has been known to help with seasonal allergies. 

We offer two different size containers:

1) 16 oz    (1 LB)

2) 40 oz.   (2.5 LB)

All of our Honey is bottled in safety sealed, BPA-Free plastic containers. 

Please contact us by phone (716) 381-2217 or email honeybrownhot@gmail.com if you would like to place a bulk order (more than 10 lbs).

2019 Autumn Harvest