Top Ten New Years Resolutions (Goals) for 2017

Top Ten New Years Resolutions (Goals) for 2017


Welcome to the New Year! We are excited for 2017 because we have a lot of things in the works. Because of our busy schedule and demand for our product, we are focusing more on the sauce itself and less on things like our newsletter, Honey Brown Low-Down. The weekly issues will now be monthly (starting next week, 1/17/17), but there will be additional highlights and more information. Sign up here if you haven't already:


To fill you in on some of the things we have going on we decided to make our first Top Ten list of 2017 our Top Ten New Years Resolutions (or Goals). We know you will be just as excited as we are. In no particular order...

Our Top Ten New Years Resolutions (Goals) for 2017:

10. New Flavors - This year we are going to be working on adding a new flavor (or more!) of sauce to our product line. You voted, we heard. You can follow our progress on social media and in our newsletter. If you have an email address you can sign up for our monthly newsletter (see above to sign up). There, you can read about current hot sauce events, did you know facts and get recipes and discount codes!

9. Finalize Branding - The first few years of our start up we played around with the look of our logo, business cards, and website. We also changed our email address, website URL and phone number. We want easy interaction and for our customers to remember our brand. All of these things will be finalized ASAP so that there is no more wondering.

8. The Best Quality Ingredients - We are always searching for and using the best quality ingredients we can find to use in our sauces. If it's not fresh, we don't use it. And we try hard to only buy local. We try even harder to produce our ingredients ourselves.  We also try to minimize our cost, so that minimizes your cost. The cost of honey can be a lot when it's organic, and local. Beekeeping is a goal of ours so that we can continue to bring you the best quality! 😮

7. Organization - Any company, let alone a start-up, has to be organized. While we use our home as an office, and a certified kitchen at a different location, it can get a little - unorganized. Being more organized can reduce stress and help us work more efficiently and effectively.

6. Commitment - It's a lot easier to put things off and procrastinate when you run your own business and work from home. We slack. Ok, I slack. But it hurts the whole company. Being committed goes hand in hand with ambition and motivation. All of which our company will be focusing on this year.

5. Satisfied Customers - We have always had satisfied customers. As we grow, we anticipate running into dissatisfied customers. We hope we won't, but we want to have a plan in place for responding to customers needs and concerns. Our goal is to deliver a taste to your mouth that you've never tasted from a sauce before. We believe that to be true with Bo's Honey Brown Hot Sauce and we want to hear from you if you think otherwise!

4. Expand - One of our main goals is to increase sales and in order to do that we need to expand the number of locations that carry our sauce. It's not a question of where or when, it's a matter of fact - if we are more committed to putting time into making and bottling our sauce, it sells itself. Everyone wants it!

3. Increase sales - As we just said above, this is one of, if not the, number one goal of the year. It doesn't really need much explanation, does it? Good.

2. Attend More Events - Along with expanding our retail presence, we want to attend more hot sauce festivals and local craft and vendor shows. We want to get our sauce out there as much as possible so people can enjoy the taste as much as we do!

1. More customer interaction - The more we interact face to face with our customers, the more we can perfect our sauce and our company and build a relationship with YOU!

Do you think there is anything we should add to our New Years Goals? If you do, or if you just want to share some of your New Years Resolutions, comment below!

Check back next week for: The Top Ten Uses For Hot Peppers

Happy Eating!

-The HBH Team


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